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Equal parts natural talent, compassion and humour, Amy Hef is a multifaceted artist who brings a truly unique approach to everything that she does. In other words, there is no one out there quite like Amy Hef.


Born in North Battleford, Saskatchewan, Amy is the youngest of five children and was raised in Alberta within a deeply religious family. As an adult, Hef had to look inward to become empowered and is now recognized as one of the few out and proud, queer musicians in the province; a part of Canada that is not always known for its progressive nature.


The singer has spent time honing her craft while living in LA and Calgary–and even Fort McMurray, if you can believe it–finding much success wherever she has landed. Today, she has grown roots in Calgary alongside her wife and pomeranian...of which she loves equally.


The singer released her debut EP back in 2008, but prior to that was a professional drummer who toured North America. It was while on tour that the musician began songwriting and decided to embark on her own path as a solo artist.


In 2013, Hef was named the winner of the 6th annual 90.3 AMP Radio’s Rock Star. The grand prize helped reinforce the fact that venturing into a solo career was the right creative decision to make.


Her 2014 single “Creepin’ Me Out” went into heavy rotation at pop radio stations across the country and the 2017 release “Drunk On Conversation” currently has over 250,000 streams across Spotify and Apple Music. Over the years, the singer’s music has earned placements in famous television series such as Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Vanderpump Rules and other MTV programming.

Live performances have also been a huge component of Hef’s career to date. She feels at home on any stage–except ones without audio systems–and has performed for sold-out crowds in a wide spectrum of venues from dance clubs to major music events and Pride festivals. The latter of which Hef holds especially close to her heart.

Aside from her own electrifying and engaging performances, the bewitching artist has toured with Ace of Base and has opened for top-charting acts like Metric, Bif Naked and Everclear.

Needless to say, her fresh and bright perspective is captured in every song and every live show. 

In recent years, Hef has won multiple awards including Female Artist of the Year (2017) and Pop Recording of the Year (2019) at the YYC Music Awards. The singer has also begun a transition into the country music. Her new single "Between Us" is out now and available on all streaming platforms.

Amy’s songwriting and style has officially found its home in country music and she is the first to tell you that she is bringing the party!