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Amy Hef is a versatile artist whose musical journey has taken her from rocking the drums in a band to establishing a successful career in pop, and now she's returning to her country roots. She refuses to be confined to a single genre when it comes to creating music.


In early 2022, Amy Hef's single "Between Us" made waves, receiving extensive airplay on Canadian country radio. Her talent and dedication have earned her a prominent place in the Canadian country music scene, where she has graced stages at events like Cavendish Beach Music Festival, BVJ, and Country Thunder. Notably, she was honoured with the Horizon Female Artist of The Year award at the 2023 Alberta Country Music Awards.


Amy's roots lie in Saskatchewan and Alberta, but she spent over a decade in Los Angeles before finally settling in Calgary, now calling it home alongside her wife and identical twin girls. Raised in a deeply religious family as the youngest of five children, Amy had to embark on a personal journey of empowerment, ultimately embracing her identity as one of the few proudly queer musicians in the province.


With her single "Creepin’ Me Out" gaining heavy rotation on pop radio stations across the country and her 2017 release "Drunk On Conversation" amassing over 250,000 streams across digital service platforms, Amy's music has left a lasting impact. Her songs have also found placements in popular television series such as Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Vanderpump Rules, and HBO MAX's Sex Lives of College Girls.


Amy Hef is a unique artist who effortlessly blends rock aesthetics, pop melodies, and country vibes, creating a refreshing and captivating stage presence. Her song lyrics are praised for their honesty and authenticity, and her fun-loving nature will have you laughing throughout her performances. As a multifaceted artist, Amy has mastered the art of delivering unforgettable shows. There's no one quite like her, and she proudly declares herself as the life of the party. Get ready for an extraordinary experience with Amy Hef!

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