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From years playing drums in a rock band to a successful career in pop and, now a foray back to her country roots, there are few Canadian entertainers as dynamic as Amy Hef.


Amy Hef’s musical style has recently settled into the country music realm and her debut country single “Between Us” launched in early 2022, garnering plenty of Canadian country radio airplay and winning Horizon Female Artist of the year at the 2023 Country Music Alberta Awards. Now, established as an up and comer in the country music scene in Canada,  she has performed at Cavendish Beach Music Festival, Edmonton Pride 2022 and more.


Amy Hef was born in Saskatchewan and raised in Alberta. She spent many years in Los Angeles before finally settling down in Calgary, where she now lives with her wife and identical twin girls. As the youngest of five children, Amy grew up in a deeply religious family, which made her journey to empowerment as an adult challenging. However, she has since become one of the few out-and-proud queer musicians in the province, gaining recognition for her talent and authenticity. 


Before her own solo work, Amy worked as a professional drummer who toured North America. In 2013, winning the 90.3 AMP Radio’s Rock Star competition helped reinforce the fact that venturing into a solo career was the right creative decision.


Her 2014 single “Creepin’ Me Out” went into heavy rotation at pop radio stations across the country and the 2017 release “Drunk On Conversation” reached over 250,000 streams across DSP’s. Over the years, Amy’s music has earned placements in famous television series such as Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Vanderpump Rules and other MTV programming. 


Amy Hef feels at home on any stage. Her fresh and bright perspective is captured in every song and every live show. Equal parts natural talent, compassion, and humour, she’s a multifaceted artist who doesn’t let one genre define her when it comes to putting on a memorable performance.


There is no one out there quite like Amy Hef, and she will be the first to tell you that she is bringing the party!

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